Dog Bed (revised poem)

On 3 September, I posted my poem “Dog Bed”,

The poem as originally posted consists of 3 stanzas. However, I now feel that the second verse is unnecessary. Consequently I have revised the poem, which now consists of 2 stanzas. The revised poem can be found below:

The mark
Of your teeth is still there,
On your old dog bed.
I walk in the park,
The dead
Leaves lie.

Shadows on the grass
Mistook for an old friend.
All things pass,
However much we pretend
Otherwise. You closed your eyes,
And left your mark
Upon my heart.

7 thoughts on “Dog Bed (revised poem)

  1. Lucy

    I’m so sorry for your loss, Kevin. This is a beautiful poem written in Trigger’s memory. Much love to you and hugs. I’m sorry. ❤️

  2. bikerchick57

    It’s always so very tough to lose our fur babies, especially the ones that wrap themselves deep around our heart. So sorry you lost your dog, but it is in a beautiful way that you pay homage.

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