The Hungry Hound

I wrote, on Wednesday 2 September, about the sad loss of my long-time friend and guide dog Trigger,

As I lay in bed last night, I remembered happier times, including Trigger’s antics in my office. He was, as the below poem shows, extremely fond of helping himself to my colleague’s lunches. Indeed a former manager of mine refered to Trigger’s “victory Roll”, during which he would run up and down the office, at great speed after having consumed the lunch of one of my happless colleagues!

The Hungry Hound:

I am Trigger.
My stomach is bigger
Than you think.
Your lunch will be gone in the blink
Of an Eye.
Then away I fly.
Should you ask “who stole my lunch?” I reply
“Nnot I
But, dear reader, I lie …!..
I have been known to eat plastic.
My reach is elastic.
You think your food Safe?
My friend brace
Yourself for a shock
For I will gobble the lot!
Be it ever so hot!

6 thoughts on “The Hungry Hound

  1. blindzanygirl

    Oh dear Kevin! Lol I think dogs are always on the lookout for food and are very good thieves! I can just see Trigger doing this.

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Indeed they are Lorraine. And labs are particularly famous (do I mean infamous) for being walking dustbins! Thanks for your comment. I’m pleased this made you smile. Best wishes. Kevin

      1. blindzanygirl

        We used to have a rough collue called Sherry, and one day we left some bacon in the car, along with half a pound of tomatoes. We left the car for a while, with Sherry in it, and we returned to find the empty wrapper to the half pound of backn, andbthe tomatoes gone too. We told her off and she knew what she had done, and after that we used to rease her by saying the words, “Half a pound of bacon and some tomatoes,” and she looked sheepish e ery time lol. She always got a cuddle after it though. It was SO funny.

    2. K Morris Poet Post author

      Your story about Sherry made me laugh Lorraine! Dogs will eat anything. A former guide dog of mine, Zeff used to help himself to the fresh tomatos whilst I shopped in the supermarket! Of course I kept him on a short lead but, occasionally he still managed to eat one! Maybe he was, in some way related to your rough collie Sherry! Kevin


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