Passion Killer

Couples in the USA are being advised to wear masks to protect against the transmission of COVID-19 if they have sex. The lunatics are, I think finally taking over the asylum, (see

The above advice sparked the below poem:

How to kill passion.
First, fashion
A mask.
This is a simple task
For some.

A few
May have fun
Its true,
By which I mean
Those who are into the fetish scene!

Doctors say, that, “if you absolutely must
Indulge your lust,
Then wear a mask, for ’twill protect you,
From your lover true”.

It must be said
That romance is dead.
Forget the condom.
Its a mask you should have on!.

4 thoughts on “Passion Killer

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      I’m glad that my poem made you smile, Robbie. My poem was inspired by a report in a US medical journal. Yesterday (4 June), it was announced that, from 15 June masks will be compulsary on public transport in England, with exceptions for very young children, people with breathing difficulties and the disabled. But, so far as I am aware the UK authorities have not yet advised couples to wear masks during sex. The world is a strange place and it grows ever stranger day by day!

    2. V.M.Sang

      I the US government might have lost its collective minds, but the UK has lost all sense of what they should do. They’re making it up as they go along. They’ve not yet gone so far as to recommend masks when having sex, though!

      1. K Morris Poet Post author

        Thanks for your comments, Vivienne. I agree with you that the UK government has made many mistakes, including the introduction of draconian (and unenforceable) laws regarding couples (who are not part of the same household) becoming physically intimate indoors. They have, however done a good job as regards the economy I believe. Had they not introduced furlow we would, I think be in a far worse state (economically) than we are. all the best, Kevin

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