The Rain

In the latter part of this week, London was visited by some heavy downpours.

I have always been a lover of the rain. And the recent heavy showers reminded me of my poem “Raining”, which is reproduced below:

“I awoke to the rain

Drumming on my window pane.

Opening my lattice, I let it in:

The purifying water that washes away sin.

The hypnotic sound

Of rain falling all around.

All my life, I have listened to the rain.

The same drumming

Of water coming

From the sky

Falling on you and I.

The rain has no end;

But you and I, my friend,

May listen for a while,


Then pass on by”.

For a recording of me reading “Raining”, please visit,

“Raining” can be found in my “Selected Poems”, which is available as a Kindle download and in paperback, and is accessible here,

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