When The Clock Does Stop

When the clock
Does stop,
You can wind
It again.
But when
The brain,
(Some say mind)
Ceases to be,
What shall become
Of you and me?
For there is no sun
To see,
And we,
Can not rewind.

12 thoughts on “When The Clock Does Stop

  1. charlypriest

    As my my grandfather used to say ” I might be physically ill but my mind works perfectly so watch out”. True, the mind is the most powerful muscle (if it is scientifically considered a muscle don’t know but sounded good) in our body.

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      You raise an interesting question as regards the mind. I have a friend who contends that the mind is separate from the brain. To me this perspective doesn’t make sense, as to think etc one needs a brain, and what we call mind resides within the brain. If the brain dies then so does the mind. However I guess that philosophers will continue to argue the point long after you and I cease to be. All the best, Kevin

      1. charlypriest

        I still remember taking my only and last philosophy class in my quick sting of university, you could argue round and round and …. it never got to a point-period. If we start talking about the subject we both might go straight to the lunatic hospital.
        My grandfather was more simple guy and never better said, straight to the POINT. He wasn’t suffering from amnesia, he still had his Witts so for us children don’t mess with the old man or we would get a good whack on the ass.

      2. K Morris Poet Post author

        Thanks for your interesting thought. I think what you postulate/raise as a possibility, is what my friend believes, or something along those lines. But I’m inclined to agree with your view, that we would still need a brain.

        Many thanks for commenting,

        Best wishes, Kevin

      1. charlypriest

        He was a mans man, to the point no BS and at the same time quite a lot of BS and just old school as I like to be myself. I try to be in this new era of “socially politacl correctness” but is just not in me.
        Grandpa would tell you all his war stories durind the Spanish Civil war. The best one was when he was shot while putting the flag at the top of the mountain they gained. True or not it was a great story. Good man he was, although he did spank me every time when I stoled his cigarettes…. I thought I was a humanitarian.
        Then I followed his footsteps in a why that is, since my army days I got paid and at least it wasn´t a civil war in my country Spain, just in other freaky countries to say the least

      2. K Morris Poet Post author

        You to sound as though you are living an interesting life, just as your grandfather lived a life full of adventure. I was fascinated to read that he fought in the Spanish Civil War.

      3. charlypriest

        Don´t remind me of the Spanish Civil War according to the grandfather, all day while building the freaking shelter (wich today stands) and me hearing him talking about it while I passed to him bricks after bricks.

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