With Apologies to Emily Brontë

Last night
I went to bed with Emily Brontë.
What can a modest man say?
We scaled passions great heights,
And, in the midst of our delight
She lost her tights.
Then, on my way
Back over the moor
I saw
Nelly Dean
Who said, with a gleam
In her eye
“Thrushcross Grange is nigh.
Will you come back with me
For tea?”.
But I made reply,
“No, not I
For, if you take a look
None of this is in Emily’s book …!”.

15 thoughts on “With Apologies to Emily Brontë

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Thank you, Gabriela. I was actually reading “Wuthering Heights in bed last night, which is what prompted this poem. It is one of my favourite novels. Best, Kevin

      1. K Morris Poet Post author

        That’s great to know, Gabriela! its such an amazing novel, full of storms (both metaphorical and literal)! Last night I read the braille edition. Its one of the advantages of being able to read braille, one can read with the lights out, something I used to do a lot at boarding school, when I should have been in the land of nod! Have a good weekend, Gabriela. Kevin

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