Autumn Fly

An autumn fly
Buzzes around my head.
Summer is dead
Yet will not die.
Seasons pass.
We are brittle as glass
This fly
And I.

9 thoughts on “Autumn Fly

  1. debbiejonesalwaysamused

    Excellent Kevin, life is so fragile. I noticed today, when I went for my walk, how the undergrowth is fading & some is already dead..yet it will all reappear in the same places next year..itโ€™s truly wonderful. Your fly, I presume, will lay eggs, some of which will lie dormant until next year, when the cycle will begin again..long after the fly is no more.

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Thanks, Debbie. Life is indeed a fragile thing. But that fly may, as you say, lay eggs continuing the cycle.

      I have also noticed how the undergrowth is dieing off. It will, as you rightly point out, come back. However, due to climate change one also sees trees losing their leaves during the hot summer months in order to conserve their supply of water, which is very sad.

      All the best, Kevin


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