I Have No Wish To Leave These Dark Trees

I have no wish to leave
These dark trees.
I drink
The fresh summer air.
For a moment forget my care
And think
On Frost’s poetry,
That o’re shadows me

16 thoughts on “I Have No Wish To Leave These Dark Trees

      1. K Morris Poet Post author

        Thank you, Gabriela. I always cherish your feedback and likes as I know you are utterly sincere when you comment and like a post. The poem came to me as I stood under some trees in a dark part of the wood close to my home. My mind had been full of useless junk, however when I stopped under the trees and smelt the wonderful scents of the woods, I was suddenly at peace. Frost’s beautiful poem, “In to My Own” came to me, although, in all honesty I cant say whether it was whilst in the wood or subsequently. I should, perhaps have appended a note to my poem pointing readers to Frost’s “A Boy’s Will”, where “Into My Own” can be found. I often find fragments of poetry popping into my head whilst out walking.

        All the best – Kevin

      2. short-prose-fiction

        It is the beauty and the wonderful smell of wood that came to me. Sheltered by the tree, with your words, you created a splendid peaceful space. A space where for a second we find ourselves. The forever life of the true second.
        Yes, Frost’s “In to My Own” is a wonderful poem, but so is yours, Kevin. Know that.

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      I agree with you, Eugenia. The woods can, as you rightly say, be both calming and mysterious and, in some circumstances even frightening. Many thanks for your comment. I’m delighted you enjoyed my poem.

      All the best – Kevin


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