How Convenient To Have A Graveyard So Close To My Home

How convenient to have a graveyard
So close to my home.
‘Twill not be hard
As, when I die
There will not be far to go
For my bones
But, you know
The place has remained undisturbed
By burials for many a year.
I am perturbed
And shed a tear
As I do not know
Where I shall go
When I die.

Perhaps my ashes will, in a pub find a place
And the drinker, with his or her flushed face
Will look at me and say,
“He used to drink this way.
Another beer
Here barman, for I feel suddenly queer
And must drink
Else I shall think
On dust
And he, who has into the grave been thrust!”.

I dislike
The idea of fire
And my desire
Is for burial. Yet the night
Will come down all the same
So why should I care
Whether I am consumed by flame
Or end up underground?
For the truth profound
Is that I will not be there
To know or care.

2 thoughts on “How Convenient To Have A Graveyard So Close To My Home

  1. LindaGHill

    I love this! I admit to procrastinating over recording my wishes, but I don’t really want my loved ones to be forced to decide what to do with me. But you’ve given me an idea! Cremation and one last pint at the pub it is! Much to the horror of those I leave behind, I’m sure. Haha! But then again, they’ll just say it’s typical.

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Linda. I’m glad you like my poem and I’m delighted that I’ve given you a good idea as regards when you shuffle off this mortal coil which will, I hope be a very long time in the future! Thanks also for following me at Best – Kevin


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