Of Churchyards and Owls

Walking through the churchyard, as dusk fell, I heard the note of my old friend the owl. On reaching home I closed my bedroom window for it was a chilly evening. However, despite my double-glazing, the cold cry of the owl penetrated into my modern flat.

Ever since moving to the Upper Norwood area in late 1997, I have always been conscious of the owl. Sometimes he disappears for protracted periods but, as sure as eggs are eggs “the fatal bellman” reappears.

Hearing the owl reminds me of my poem which is, appropriately enough entitled “Owl”,

4 thoughts on “Of Churchyards and Owls

  1. Eduardo

    Great meeting you today, Kevin. Enjoying going through your blog. Interestingly, I heard an owl-like hoot last night as well – for the first time in the five years I’ve been living in the neighborhood. Couldn’t believe my ears, but this could explain why our cat has stopped bringing in mice lately!

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Hi Eduardo. It was great meeting you also and I’m really pleased that you are enjoying going through my blog. Your comment about your cat and the owl made me smile. The presence of the owl may indeed have something to do with your feline friend no longer bringing you mouse presents home! Best wishes – Kevin

  2. Donna W. Hill

    Kevin, I too enjoy the owls. I never heard them till we moved to the country. We have screech owls, barn owls and I’m not sure what all, maybe he’s a Great Horned or a Bard owl. Anyway, I love to listen to them at night.

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Thanks, Donna. Its always great to meet a fellow owl lover. I think the owl (or owls) near to my home in Upper Norwood are of the Tawney variety. Whatever variety they are, it is a haunting sound they make. Best wishes – Kevin


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