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Getting Poems Published

A good short post by Josephine Corcoran, a published poet, on getting poems published, https://josephinecorcoran.org/2022/11/20/on-getting-poems-published/.


Fiona Sinclair And Message In A Bottle Poetry Magazine

Several days ago I was helped across the road by the partner of the poet, Fiona Sinclair. Fiona was on her way to the Poetry Society for a poetry reading. I must confess to not having been familiar with Fiona’s work prior to our chance (and very brief) meeting earlier this week.

On reaching home I did some digging (if one can do such a thing as digging online) and found that in addition to her own work Fiona also produces “Message In A Bottle”, a magazine featuring the work of poets other than herself. The magazine’s description reads as follows:


“Fiona started the poetry magazine Message in a Bottle about seven years ago. The magazine was started at the height of her illness as an antidote to boredom.

The only remit is that the work be unusual and well written. The magazine is now Poetry Kit recommended. Several of the poems included have won Poetry

Kit awards. It now attracts the best of poets from all over the world and is enhanced by the artwork of  Derek Sellen”. (For information on the magazine please visit http://www.fionasinclairpoetry.com/message-in-a-bottle.php.

Unfortunately (unless I am missing a trick) there appears to be no contact information for the magazine (or Fiona Sinclair herself) on her website.

Much of Fiona’s poetry concerns the personal. Take, for example her poem “How To Lose A Friend” (http://www.fionasinclairpoetry.com/how-to-lose-a-friend.php), in which the poet describes in a matter of fact manner how she lost a friend. The poem’s matter of factness adds to the poignancy of the poem.

For Fiona Sinclair’s website please visit http://www.fionasinclairpoetry.com/.