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Free Book Promotion

My book ‘Samantha’ will be available for free on Kindle from Friday 14th – Tuesday 18th October 2022 here for the UK and here for the US.

Samantha tells a story of a young girl forced into prostitution in the city of Liverpool. Can Sam’s love for Peter, a man she meets in a nightclub, save her? Or will Sam end her life in the murky waters of Liverpool’s Albert Dock?

My book ‘The Suspect and Other Tales’ will be available for free on Kindle from Friday 21st- Tuesday 25th October 2022 here for the UK  and here for the US.

Tales of the unexpected, ranging from stories of crime and vengeance through to ghostly happenings in an ancient mansion.

My Amazon Author’s Page Is Here!

At long last I have taken the plunge and set up my author’s page on Amazon, http://www.amazon.co.uk/-/e/B00CEECWHY. I have intended to do this for some time but for some inexplicable reason put it off due to labouring under the misapprehension that it would be difficult.

The advantage to having an author’s page is that it allows readers to see all your content in one place (E.G. books, book reviews, biography etc). The lack of an author’s page may lead to people not knowing that you have produced several books as titles are scattered throughout Amazon with no golden thread to link them to the same author.

I have experienced one minor hiccup. My book, Samantha appears under the name K Morris while my collection of short stories, The First Time shows under my full name, Kevin Morris. As I’m registered with Amazon as K S Morris I’ve been able to add Samantha to my author’s page but not The First Time. I’ve emailed Amazon who will, I’m sure resolve the problem.