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Friday Humour

I know a young lady named Spink
Who has a very unusual kink.
When we passed on the stair
I most solemly swear
That she gave me a significant wink!

There was a young man of Liverpool
Who, being a bit of a fool.
jumped into the Mersey river
And started to quiver
As he mistook it for a pool!


Friday Humour

There was a young man of Doncaster
Who decided his wall to plaster.
He drank lots of beer
Which made him feel queer
And led to a plaster disaster!

When a naughty young lady called Bess
Stole a little black dress
A store detective named Guy
Said, with a sigh
“You’ll look great in that little black dress …!”.

A pretty young lady called Nell
Rang upon my bell.
I was elsewhere at the time
Composing an intricate rhyme
As I did her large boyfriend tell …