Kevin Morris Poet, new TikTok videos


Today I have recorded the following videos of me reading my new poems.

‘The Owl’ by Kevin Morris

‘Early Autumn Morning’ by Kevin Morris

‘When a young Lady who is divine’ by Kevin Morris

‘I see sunlight’ by Kevin Morris

‘When I die’ by Kevin Morris

5 thoughts on “Kevin Morris Poet, new TikTok videos

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      I’m pleased you enjoyed my readings, Liz. I enjoy recording my poetry.
      I find that my poetry receives many more views on Tiktok than is the case when I post on Youtube or Soundcloud. I’ve also found that the number of followers is growing more quickly than is the case with either of the other platforms.
      A friend holds my iPhone while I read my poetry. This works well.
      I had read about Tiktok as a means of promoting poetry and thought it was worth a try. Thus far I’m pleased with the results. Whether my readings will lead to anyone buying my books is a different matter. Have you considered giving the app a go?
      Best wishes. Kevin

      1. Liz Gauffreau

        Thank you for responding to my question, Kevin. Thus far, I’ve been avoiding TikTok, although I’ve read that there is a very active book community. I hadn’t heard that it’s good for promoting poetry. I’d be interested to know whether you see a rise in book sales.

      2. K Morris Poet Post author

        If you do decide to use Tiktok, I hope it goes well for you, Liz.
        I’ll certainly let you know if I see an increase in book sales as a result of using Tiktok, although it may not be obvious that any increase is due to my use of the app.
        All the best. Kevin

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