Spa Wood

My friend, Henry took the below photograph in Spa Wood, on 18 March.

The wood, which is only a few minutes walk from my home, has inspired many of my poems, including this one entitled “Rain”:

“The Rain
Patters amongst these leaves.
I listen again
And ascertain
That it’s the breeze
Midst these trees.
Yet it sounds the same
As rain.”

I was reminded of the above poem as the rain was (actually) falling as Henry and I strolled through Spa Wood.

(“Rain” can be found in my collection “Light and Shade”,

2 thoughts on “Spa Wood

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Indeed the breeze can sound like rain, particularly when it rustles the leaves of a Poplar tree. Its nice you have a Poplar in your garden. It was that self-same tree which, in Spa Wood sounded so similar to rain falling. Kevin


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