I love the sunlight
That comes and goes.
It is easy to write
Of eternal night,
And to compose

Flowery verses
About one’s mortality.
But many a poet curses
The reality
Behind his poetry.

18 thoughts on “Mortality

      1. blindzanygirl

        Best Wishes to you Kevin. Life is hard for everyone right now. I hope you can enjoy a walk today. X

      1. blindzanygirl

        Yes thanks. Apart from being a gruelling day trying to findnpeoole to get food for us. We won’t come under the army thingy, even though neither myself nor my husband can shop. I think it is going to be a constant battle. But we had a nice druve out this afternoon, abd there were newborn lambs maaing and baaing. Mloveky,

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      I’m glad you managed to have a drive out and see the lambs Lorraine. I see from one of your post that you have found a Facebook group who can help you shop. I’m pleased that you now have help.

      1. blindzanygirl

        Thankyou Kevin. Yes, things have improved. I hope that you are ok. I could not of course see the newborn lambs, but they were making a helluva nousenlol. Just like babies. And their mums were replying to them with a much deeper maaa. Lol

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