So Many Disdain The Life-Giving Rain

So many disdain
The life-giving rain
And pray
For a sunny day.
But I
On hearing the rain
Pattering on my window pane,
Or, on looking up to the great sky
And feeling purifying water upon my face,
Give thanks for this green place,
And the flowers that in such profusion sprout,
And pray that we can avoid a drought.

7 thoughts on “So Many Disdain The Life-Giving Rain

  1. blindzanygirl

    I’m with you there Kevin. I love the rain and the sound and the feel of it. I am always glad when it comes. Hate the thunder and lughtning though. I like this piem. It apoeals to me

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Thank you, Lorraine. Its always good to meet a fellow rain lover. I must confess to also being a fan of the thunder and lightening, although storms are best enjoyed inside, rather than out in the street or forest! Best wishes – Kevin

  2. debbiejonesalwaysamused

    A lovely celebration of rainy days, Kevin. We’d certainly be stuck up the creek without a paddle, (or puddle) if it didn’t rain! I’m a, ‘walking in the rain’ lover, too. I’ll usually go on my daily walks whatever the weather. If it’s absolutely torrential, I might have second thoughts about starting out, but if it suddenly gets a lot heavier while I’m already out, then I find it exhilarating! There’s plenty who’d love to be able to, who can’t. This particularly struck me when one of my best friends passed away from cancer, 18 months ago. We were in similar circumstances & ages, so it hit me hard that she’d no longer be able to do all the things I still could do, & be there to share her life with her family. Every time it rains I always think of that & embrace it.

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Many thanks for your thought-provoking and moving response to my poem, Debbie. I am sorry to read about your friend who sadly died of cancer. As you rightly say, we should appreciate the rain and the other wonderful things around us, as we wont always be there to relish the wonders of this earth. I am sorry that your friend is no longer alive to enjoy your company and you her’s. Best wishes – Kevin

      1. debbiejonesalwaysamused

        Thank you for your kind words & thoughts, Kevin. Coincidentally, it would’ve been my friend’s birthday today. I’ve thought of her with a smile, so thankful for her friendship, & remembering that it was her loss that made me start to finally keep a record of my poems. I kept a copy of the first one I wrote for her, which was for her birthday, not too long after her diagnosis. Her family asked as many people who felt they could, to write letters to her instead of birthday gifts, & send photos etc, so they could compile a memory book for her to read whilst she was still able, and for them to treasure afterwards. So I had the poem I included in my letter, printed onto one of my own photos and framed. Anyway, I didn’t have to walk in the rain today, but I would’ve, for Marilyn. Thank you for reading, Kevin.

      2. K Morris Poet Post author

        Its lovely that you can think of Marilyn with a smile, Debbie. And what a wonderful thing to have done, written a poem for your friend and put it into a photograph.

        Its great that you now have a record of all of your poems to treasure and share with others.

        Very best wishes – Kevin

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