When A Young Man Whose Name is Dave

When a young man whose name is Dave
Refused, point blank, to shave,
His very stern father
Got in a lather
And shaved that young man named Dave!

3 thoughts on “When A Young Man Whose Name is Dave

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  2. Leonore Dvorkin

    Ha! I certainly wish that a whole lot more men these days would shave! My own David and I both hate the ugly stubble look, which makes men look like bums, as well as most beards. But this ugly fad only seems to be growing (as it were) vs. fading. The result is that men look like ungroomed lemmings, vs. individuals. Please shave that stubble and those beards, guys, so we can see your faces.

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      Many thanks for your comment. I am pleased you like my humorous verse. I must confess to sporting a beard. Many people have been complimentary about my beard (saying that it suits me). Beards are, however a matter of personal taste and certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. Best wishes – Kevin


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