The Fox and the Devil

Lucifer fell
Into a well
And said, “I wonder who herein does dwell?
The dark be dammed, its blacker than hell!”

“Tis I”, said the fox sly,
I too fell in here.
‘Tis clear
I will die.
Yet, I am the bolder
Of we two.
Let me stand upon your shoulder
And cause a to-do!
Never fear
I will summon help here.

So the devil did accept
And the fox leapt
Up on to Satan’s shoulder
And being the bolder
Of the two
himself out.
You should have heard the devil shout!
“A pox
On you fox.
Come back forthwith
And give
Me a hand”
He did command.

Said the fox sly
“No thank you, I will fly
Far away.
For the sake of humanity, ‘Tis better you dwell
Forever in this well”,
And truth to tell
He will there remain
Until the terrain
Of Hell freezes over.
Truly, God is in clover!

5 thoughts on “The Fox and the Devil

  1. adeleulnais

    I love this. I am very fond of foxes and their clever ways, just like their cousins the coyotes. My favourite Cherokee story is how coyote stole fire and gave it to man. Wonderful poem.

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      Many thanks for your comment. I’m delighted you liked my poem and thank you for reblogging my post, I really appreciate you doing so. I will check out the story you mention, which I have heard of but never read. Best wishes. Kevin


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