The Potentate

Lucifir came for a potentate bold.

He said “you have had power and wealth untold,

Now you must render me your immortal soul”.

The potentate sighed,

And made reply,

“My soul it died,

you will find nothing inside.

It perished long ago,

And vanished like the summer snow.

Once I had ideals,

and yearned to build utopia in green fields.

I have waded in much blood,

And sacrificed the weak for the common good.

My soul you had long ago.

I take your hand,

Now let us go”.


7 thoughts on “The Potentate

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    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Thank you, Liz. I can’t remember the precise set of circumstances which prompted me to write it. However, there are always potentates of every political colour (plus religious ones), so I’m sure Lucifer will continue to be busy on that front. Kevin


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