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If All Are Dreams Could Be Known

If all our dreams could
Be known
Who then would
Throw the first stone?

Alone in our head
We dread
That one day our dreams will be known.
So tell me my friend will
You still
Be the one to throw the first stone?

The Shame Game

Shall we play
The game
Of shame
Where you pass
Moral judgement on me
But fail to see,
In the glass
The slightest trace
Of disgrace
In your own sweet face?

Shall I say
By way
Of defence
That you did such and such?
Tis all too much
And a pretence
Of defence
As 2 wrongs do not make a right.
So we fight
And the bed is cold at night.

One should not speak ill of the dead

It is frequently said
That one should not speak ill of the dead.
It is a notion most quaint
That in death, a devil becomes a saint,
Yet we cross ourselves and say
“He has passed away.
May god have mercy on his soul”.
While inwardly we smile
For well we know
Where his soul did go …