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Conspiracy theory
Most dreary.
“Little green men are getting into my head”
He said.
“The Russians didn’t poison those people in Salisbury you know …”.

On and on they go
The crackpots who have heard or read
Something crazy and, of course it is true!
“The Jew
Is controlling the world and the holocaust is a lie”.
I wonder why people deny
History’s weight
And give way to hate.

The holocaust did take place
But weirdos and extremists after fantasies chase
While fake “historians” grin
And coin it in.

“Little green men” are harmless
While holocaust deniers are charmless
(But by no means harmless)!

Putin must be laughing up his sleeve
At the gullible idiots who believe
That Britain released a nerve agent on it’s own street.
So I greet
Each conspiracy theory
Most dreary
With a contemptuous smile
I bite my tongue lest my disdain
Is made plain in words.

To all those who hate

There is a quiet place out of reach
Of those who hatred preach.
They prate,
And understand to late
Or perhaps not at all
That pride comes before a fall.

Words meaningful as a harlot’s compliment fall
On the ear
Of men who hear, What they want to hear.
The truth clear
Is, I fear
To often lost, in sound and beer.

The fanatic’s words drear
Will Fill the empty soul
Of those who’s goal
Is the destruction of the whole
Liberal project,
To which They object
Without knowing why,
Then, pointlessly die.

The Rise Of The Finnish Far-Right Soldiers Of Odin

Yesterday’s Daily Mail (4 February)carries a worrying article regarding the rise of the far-right Soldiers of Odin in Finland, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3426685/Nazi-daggers-SS-hats-hangman-s-noose-night-patrol-Soldiers-Odin-neo-Nazi-led-vigilantes-vowing-Europe-s-women-safe-migrant-sex-attacks.html. The group patrol the streets of Finland at night and there is evidence their presence is causing fear within the immigrant community.