To all those who hate

There is a quiet place out of reach
Of those who hatred preach.
They prate,
And understand to late
Or perhaps not at all
That pride comes before a fall.

Words meaningful as a harlot’s compliment fall
On the ear
Of men who hear, What they want to hear.
The truth clear
Is, I fear
To often lost, in sound and beer.

The fanatic’s words drear
Will Fill the empty soul
Of those who’s goal
Is the destruction of the whole
Liberal project,
To which They object
Without knowing why,
Then, pointlessly die.

11 thoughts on “To all those who hate

      1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

        Look forward to reading the further adventures of Porter Girl when you return to your blog and hope you aren’t experiencing the rain we are enjoying (not sure that is the right word)! here in London. Kevin

      2. PorterGirl

        It is pretty rainy here too, sadly, but after the amazing weather over the past few days it seems churlish to complain! I love the British weather. Never a dull moment.

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