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Reality TV

The Romans threw
Christians to the lions.
This we no longer do,
For modern man is civilised.
Yet, it is no surprise
That there is now reality TV
Where we
Watch with glee
As the inadequate, Sad
Or quite frankly bad
Are flayed alive.

We viewers pretend not to derive
Any satisfaction
From the interaction
Of a host who weeps crocodile tears
As the audience in turn sneers
And jeers.
So we self righteously shake our head
At the living dead.

Today society is humane
For the gladiators now remain
To be pointed at in the street,
For they are no lions to eat
Them whole.
Merely their soul
Is by the entertainment industry taken,
Leaving them forsaken.
But some do tell,
There is no soul to sell

Stretching Credulity But Entertaining None The Less (Midsomer Murders Strikes Again)

The growing use of audio description (voiceover during silent sections of programmes explaining what is happening) allows me, as a blind person who is unable to discern the picture on my television’s screen, to enjoy a variety of films, documentaries etc. I am a fan of crime dramas and get frustrated when audio description is lacking.

Yesterday evening I was pleased to discover that the episode of Midsomer Murders, on ITV3 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midsomer_Murders) contained audio description, the audio describer doing a good job explaining what was happening during the silent parts of the crime drama. It has often been said of Midsomer Murders that one would not wish to live in the collection of villages comprising Midsomer due to the number of people who are murdered in the vicinity. Indeed if one where to take Midsomer Murders literally one could conclude that living in London is safer than residing in the (fictional) Midsomer countryside! There is an element of truth in this view but for all that I continue to enjoy watching the series.

Yesterday’s Midsomer Murders concerned 4 (maybe 3, at this stage I can’t remember) deaths and was complete with a believer in aliens who was intent on trying to convince the local police that unearthly forces, in the shape of little green men, visiting earth in UFOs where responsible for the deaths. Unsurprisingly the police where somewhat sceptical!

All of the victims (apart from the last who fell downstairs) where electrocuted although, following the twists and turns of the plot it became apparent that one of the deaths was an accident. As is often the case with Midsomer Murders the plot stretched my credulity. None the less the programme was, as always entertaining.

Turn Off Your Mobiles

A good piece in yesterday’s Guardian (20 August 2014) about the mania for using smart phones at concerts and other similar events to record and/or photograph proceedings rather than, as in times gone by simply immersing oneself in the activity. Perhaps the pendulum has swung too far and people have lost the capacity to simply enjoy an activity without feeling the need to photograph and record it to death. I, sadly have my doubts but, as is so often said only time will tell. For the article please go to http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/aug/20/kate-bush-transcendence-v-smartphones

The Media Is The Message

Musak fills the vast void with soulless sound, like a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. The seductive blandishments of advertisers like sweet poison fill our heads. To purchase is to exist. Consume, only consume be part of the great consumer boom.

Endless soaps, beautiful people flickering like ghosts across the wide screen. With a flick of a switch the mirage vanishes leaving us bereft. Never mind there is so much choice, no need to switch off the TV, we can float forever in a world of entertainment and a myriad shopping channels. The nice lady, the one with the barbey doll looks and her head filled with straw tells us to keep tuned lest we miss something exciting.

No time to think. Thank god for 24 hour entertainment for it kills the pain, stifles the nagging doubts that asail even the stupidest ass on occasions. But, when the lights go out what do you do with the thoughts which crowd unbidden into your head?