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A Scammer Came Acalling

“Mr Morris?”
“Whose calling?”
“Your internet provider”.
“And who is my internet provider?”
“I’m calling from” (the caller proceeds to mention an internet service provider (ISP), but not the company who provide me with both my web connection and telephone line, and, not surprisingly, I hang up without another word)!
Given that my home telephone number (landline) is unlisted in the telephone directory, heaven only knows how these scammers obtained my number! My ISP has been hacked, several times which may, perhaps explain the number of such calls received by me. Whatever the cause, it is extremely annoying and the things which I would like to do to these cold callers/scammers are, quite literally unprintable!

Is There Anybody There?

Me, answering my mobile, “Hello”.

Automated female voice, “Our records indicate you may have been involved in a non fatal accident in the last 12 months”.

Now what would be the point of calling someone who had been involved in a fatal accident? Surely a psychic rather than mundane telephony would be in order when contacting a person who had shuffled off this mortal coil? I wonder whether the people behind this annoying cold calling operation are aware of the idiocy of the above automated announcement? I somehow doubt that those running the company in question are going to set the commercial world alight with their intellect …




There I was bevering away, working at home when my landline rang. Now the only person who regularly calls me on the house phone is my mum, my friends get in touch via my mobile or e-mail. I was, however logged into my office phone (the wonders of modern technology)! So concluded it was, in all probability one of my colleagues calling. I therefore answered the phone and engaged in a conversation which went something like this:

Me, “Hello”.

Indian sounding gentleman, “I am calling from the TPS (it may have been CPS), you have reported receiving nuisance calls, is that right?”

Me, “How did you get this number?” (I am x directory meaning that my number is unlisted).

Indian gentleman, “I asked the first question”.

Me struggling not to give vent to a string of expletives, “I didn’t ask you to call, good afternoon” and, with a flick of my finger I ended the call.


In the UK we have the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) with which people can register not to receive marketing and unsolicited calls, free of charge. However the TPS will never call people out of the blue so, quite obviously the caller was not from the TPS.

On checking the number of the so-called TPS 007771002981 was displayed. I Googled the number which brought up links to sites on which angry recipients of calls from the above number vented their spleen (see, for example the following link http://uk.whocalledme.com/PhoneNumber/07771002981). It appears from this and other examples that the company (which is not the legitimate TPS which performs an invaluable function in preventing nuisance calls) is misleading people into thinking that it is the TPS and attempting to get the recipients of their cold calls to part with money for a call blocking machine. Ironic that a company marketing a call blocker should, itself engage in cold calling! With a bit of luck Wednesday’s unsolicited call will be the last I hear from 007771002981. I am, however not holding my breath on that score.