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A chance meet.
2 acquaintences greet
And eat.
That night
They did smile
And make polite
Conversation while,
In the background
Behind each word
Was heard
The tick tock
Of her biological clock

Her flirty conversation.
His anticipation
Grew, whilst through
Each word
Could be heard
Tick tock, tick tock.

A tentative invitation to come in
For coffee or tea.
They did chat
About this and that.
Then, she took her hat
And was gone,
Whilst the tick tock
Of the clock
At the head
Of his bed
Continued on,

Darwin Day Lecture 2014 – How To Make A Human

On Tuesday evening I received a call from my friend John. It was good news as he had managed to obtain 2 tickets for the Darwin Day Lecture, How To Make A Human which takes place on 12 February 2014, https://humanism.org.uk/civi/?page=CiviCRM&q=civicrm/event/info&page=CiviCRM&id=41&snippet=2. I have some issues with Humanism (the lecture is hosted by The British Humanist Association) but, none the less the event promises to be an interesting one.

As an aside, for anyone who is interested, my issue with Humanism is that many Humanists are, in my experience just as dogmatic in their assertions regarding the non-existence of God as religious people are in their’s that he exists. I am, in contrast an agnostic, one who sits on the fence. The only problem with sitting on the fence is, of course that I risk getting splinters in a rather delicate place!