Trigger Warnings

“Universities are accused of ‘mollycoddling’ and ‘patronising’ students as books are removed from reading lists over ‘challenging’ content and trigger warnings are slapped on 1,000 texts including works by Dickens, Shakespeare, and Chaucer”.

I won’t comment other than to say that treating adults as children is patronising in the extreme. If someone is going to be “triggered” by a book they should seriously consider whether English Literature is the right course for them.

Real life is often unpleasant and there are, obviously no “trigger warnings” on the real world. Part of growing up entails becoming exposed to the world (warts and all) whether via interactions with living beings, or through reading works of fiction, watching films Etc.

19 thoughts on “Trigger Warnings

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  2. Chris The Story Reading Ape

    Agreed Kevin, the ‘Woke’, ‘Cancel Culture’ and ‘Snowflake’ (to name only a few) generation are are taking things too far – but – pendulums swing back as well as forward, so they’ll experience Karma eventually…

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      I like your pendulum analogy, Chris. Indeed in the article 1 student is quoted as expressing her dislike of the use of “trigger warnings”. I hope you are right about the pendulum swinging back, and I suspect you are correct.

    2. K Morris Poet Post author

      Your last comment made me laugh, Chris. If we are to avoid anyone being offended then we must ban all comic performances and put all comedians out of work. But then doing so would offend me …

  3. Liz Gauffreau

    I watched a Fran Lebowitz interview in which she addressed this issue by saying that in her day (which is also mine), parents prepared their children to adapt in the world. Now, the world has to prepare itself for the children.

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      I like your comment, which made me smile. I remember a lady (very much younger than me) saying how being asked to read a document written by Churchill upset her. Churchill had (she contended) showed contempt for her country. This young lady would have struggled to read history (she is not a historian) as to pursue this subject one has to read widely (including material one may well not like). As an aside, I think her comment on Churchill was unfair, but then I am an admirer of the man who played a major role in saving the UK from the tyrany of Nazism.

  4. Victoria Zigler

    This regulation of everything is getting ridiculous. They wrap children up in cotton wool, and then they wonder why children are leaving school unprepared to cope in the real world.

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      You make a very good point, Tori. And this is being done not merely to children, but to those attending university! I do, quite seriously, wonder whether warnings will be put on university lectures, textbooks Etc which deal with the horrors of the Nazi Final Solution? Will those wishing to study history be able to opt out (if doing a module on 20th century German history) of anything connected with Nazi atrocities? The world is going mad.


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