Hair Extensions

He confessed:
“She has hair extensions,
And other things best
Not to mention.
And the lays
She plays
Are as old as humanity.

You wouldn’t take her to meet mother
For tea,
For she
Is not that kind of a lover.
And the song she sings,
And other things,
Would cause disention.

She takes cabs everywhere.
And her hair
Has extentions
(As I have already mentioned).

She can never stay for long
And her song
I shall not mention
Lest it cause contention
Amongst those who would object
To, and reject,
Girls with hair extensions”.

2 thoughts on “Hair Extensions

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Many thanks for your comment. Why indeed would someone reject girls with hair extensions? Unless my poem is open to an interpretation other than that which appears on it’s surface? Thanks again for commenting.


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