At a Time of Social Distancing

Sunscreen on skin
Is no sin.
The birds sing
For it is spring.
One may go outside
But woe betide
The man who offers resistance
To the concept of social distance.

They say that couples are okay
To enjoy the weather together.
But how do you
Distinguish lovers true
From those simply out for fun
In this beautiful spring sun?

One may stroll, alone.
The phone,
And the internet
Are fine. As is wine
(but no alcohol or grub
Down the local pub)!

You may walk your pet
And hear the birds sing
(for it is spring),
And it is not yet
A crime, to indulge in rhyme.

10 thoughts on “At a Time of Social Distancing

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Thank you for your lovely comment Gabriela. I’m delighted you like this poem of mine. Posting is one of the things helping me to not sink into bordom. I am OK, thanks, but several of my friends appear to have developed COVID19 symptoms. How are things in the USA? I think some states are adopting slightly different measures to those in other states, but I’m no expert on US politics. Enjoy your weekend, Kevin

      1. short-prose-fiction

        I am glad you are ok Kevin. Sorry to hear about your friends. I hope everything turns out ok. In the US there are several states that did not intact stay-at-home orders. However, I think most people are scared. We may not have enough ventilators. That depressed me. But, let’s hope things will be ok in the end. What can I say?
        Take good care of you Kevin.

    2. K Morris Poet Post author

      Thank you Gabriela. I am sure my friends will be fine, with lots of rest helping them to recover. I had heard about the ventilator issue in the USA. Similar concerns have been expressed here in the UK. I hope both countries will have enough ventilators and other vital equipment and drugs. You to, look after yourself. Kevin

  1. V.M.Sang

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your friends, Kevin.
    I love this poem. It has optimism. We need that at this time. But sadly, some people just don’t get it. My neighbours received a visit from her mother yesterday! And some people don’t keep 2 metres apart when passing someone in the street.
    But most are sensible, Though, I’m glad to say.
    And I’m glad rhyme isn’t forbidden.

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Thanks for your good wishes as regards my friends Vivienne. I’m pleased you like the poem. A neighbour was telling me (over the telephone) that Brockwell Park, which is quite close to where I live, has been closed due to around 3000 people congregating there on Saturday. I can completely understand that people are getting frustrated with being cooped up, but congregating in parks etc is not the right thing to do. Also the closure of parks due to the stupidity/selfishness of some (a minority) of people, is spoiling it for the vast majority who want to abide by the rules, while enjoying a walk (alone). Kevin


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