The Weather Was Chill

The weather was chill,
And the park still.
Few birds I heard
On this spring day.
Dickinson spoke, of feathered hope.
I would like to say
That Emily’s feathered thing
Will, through it’s song, bring
To birth a much brighter day.
But things don’t work that way.

13 thoughts on “The Weather Was Chill

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      I am delighted you like my poem Gabriela, and thank you for your lovely comments about my poem, and for asking about my health. I am feeling quite a bit better, thank you. A friend and his wife popped round earlier to walk Trigger and they both commented on how I was looking much less pale. I may even allow myself a beer later! All the best, Kevin

      1. short-prose-fiction

        What a relief, Kevin. I am glad you are feeling better and your friends walk Tigger. I am still worry about you so I do not know about the beer. Perhaps tomorrow. Please rest more today.

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