Roses Smell Sweeter In Childhood

Roses smell sweeter in childhood
Their scent
Being natural and good.
I repent
Of scentless flowers
And myriad hours
Spent trying to grow
What ought not
To grow,
And would,
If I could
Spurn these flowers, purchased on a whim
And return
To a time ere Adam did sin
With Eve.
But I can only grieve
And count the cost
Of Paradise lost.

(The reference to paradise lost pertains to Milton’s fine poem of the same title).

11 thoughts on “Roses Smell Sweeter In Childhood

  1. debbiejonesalwaysamused

    Ahh, this reminds me of times, as a child, loving the scent of roses so much, that me & my friend picked rose petals (sadly from some beautiful blooms) and tried to make rose perfume. We had no idea, & thought if we stuffed as many petals as possible into jar, with some water in, then let it stand for a few days, to let the petals infuse, it would create sweet smelling eau de rose, to dab behind our ears! We got it so wrong! After letting the jars of wonder stand, for as many days as we could possibly bear, we excitedly opened them up. There was no sweet scent to be found. Instead, we had a cloudy, slimy, foul smelling liquid, with soggy, browning petals, lurking at the bottom…and two very disappointed little girls! Rather like you tending a garden, with things in that shouldn’t grow..& hoping to get your money back, Kevin. Although no money exchanged here, at least the roses could’ve bloomed happily on their bushes for a lot longer!

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      I did precisely the same as you and your friend, Debbie. I remember putting petals in a container (I think, although I’m not sure, that it may have been a bucket). If memory serves my grandfather gave me something to put in which, he said would help to create perfume, however I could be mistaken on that point. Anyway, as with you and your friend no scent did I find on opening that container!

      I don’t think that it was my intention to use the perfume on myself, it was merely the challenge of creating a beautiful scent from rose petals that intrigued me.

      Thanks for your comment and enjoy your Saturday – Kevin

      1. debbiejonesalwaysamused

        At least we weren’t on our own with our non-scent event, Kevin. Oh well, I guess there were plenty of other things we experimented with that were successful, as youngsters. Thank you for your good wishes. It was a bit cool here today & tried to rain, but was mostly dry. We finished the day off nicely with a drink in our local. Hope you & Trigger managed to keep dry today, there’s been a fair bit of rain around the country, I think!

    2. K Morris Poet Post author

      I like the poetry of “non scent event”, Debbie! I’m glad the rain stayed off for you on Saturday and that you enjoyed a drink in your local. Spending time in a good pub, with friends or family is always a nice way to unwind and relax. Trigger and I got soaked when we went out yesterday morning but, as I’ve said before, once you get to a certain stage of wetness, one has to laugh and get on with it, as complaining wont resolve matters! Also all this rain we have been having should ensure that there will be no water shortages in the UK this year! Best wishes – Kevin

      1. debbiejonesalwaysamused

        Oh no, what a shame you & Trigger got soaked, Kevin! You’re right, though, there’s no point in crying about it. I can’t believe how bad the floods have been in places today..once again, it’s been dry here, just a bit windy. Hope you missed it in London too! Funnily enough, the river that runs through our village is very low brace yourself for those water shortage notices..drat that drought! 😄

    3. K Morris Poet Post author

      Sorry to hear about the river in your village running low, Debbie. I love the sound of running water, and a river, brook etc (providing that its clean) helps to freshen the air. I hope you don’t have a water shortage. Best – Kevin

      1. debbiejonesalwaysamused

        I’m sure the river will start filling up again in the next few days, Kevin. After our dry spell, we’re due a deluge from tomorrow, apparently. Yes, it’s a very clear river & sings a wonderful song, when it’s babbling away. There’s lots of lichen in the area & I believe many of the types found are a good indicator of clean air, which is very good to know. Hopefully, we won’t encounter any water shortages, we didn’t last year, after such a hot summer. Although some remote parts aren’t on mains water, they are supplied by water from a spring, & have large water tanks underground to keep some stored for when the spring is low. I’d be a bit worried with such an unstable source, but they seem to cope admirably!

      2. K Morris Poet Post author

        That is a lovely way to describe the sound of the river Debbie – singing. I’m glad to hear that the watercourse should soon fill up, meaning that you should have no water shortages this year.

        Kind regards – Kevin

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