An Opportunity to share one of Your Poems

Would you like to share one of your poems? If so, please feel free to either leave a link to it below, or ccut and paste your work into the comment field.

Please only share poems to which you hold the copyright. Do not share other poets copyrighted work (as to do so is a breech of their copyright and may lead to legal action being taken against you).

I look forward to reading your poems.


18 thoughts on “An Opportunity to share one of Your Poems

  1. Victoria Zigler (@VictoriaZigler)

    Ocean Breeze Through My Window

    Blanket wrapped around me, I lay there,
    With the window open to let in ocean air.
    A breeze creeps in, reaching where I’m lying,
    While outside the ocean’s softly sighing.
    Waves whisper to me that everything’s alright,
    While lulling me to sleep for the night.

    © 2017 Victoria “Tori” Zigler

  2. Frank Prem

    Hi Kevin.

    Thank you for the invite, which came to me via Chris, The Story Reading Ape’s link.

    I’m delighted to share a post from earlier today. It’s a random choice based only on the criteria ‘most recent’.

    The link is below. I hope you enjoy it.



  3. fortymatches

    I don’t write many poems on my blog, but here’s a recent one…

    If I am a river,
You are a tributary,
Mingling your waters with mine,
Flowing into, amongst, then away,
To become a cloud
Whose shape reminds me of you.
If I am a path,
You are a crossroad,
Forcing unforeseen choices,
Intersecting my progress with pleasure,
The geometry of us,
Diverging points on a compass.
And though we are none of these,
Unbidden and unbeknownst,
We follow the silent rhythms,
My moon to your tide,
As ancient as river,
As steady as road.


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