I Saw Flowers On My Way Through Yonder Woods Today

I saw flowers on my way
Through yonder woods today.
They were the same bloom
As those I admired
And so desired

But no,
I can not be sure
As they grow
In such profuse store.
I think therefore
That it may not be so.


17 thoughts on “I Saw Flowers On My Way Through Yonder Woods Today

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      Thank you for commenting and liking my poem, Ruth.

      You are lucky to have such a profusion of daffodils on your farm and in the woods. I do enjoy seeing daffodils and I am also extremely fond of hyacints (I love the scent of the latter).

      Best wishes, Kevin

      1. ruthsoaper

        We bought the farm in 2011 and that fall we bought a daffodil bulbs and did what my husband calls gorilla planting (just planted the here and there and every where. Each year they spread a little. I think daffodils are the perfect spring flower because I think yellow is a happy color. They always make me smile. 🙂

  1. Rachel McKee

    I love the cadence of this piece. There is a dreamlike mystery here. I love when the narrator shares their doubts. Very well done, I read it four times.

  2. Stephen Fuller

    Yesternoon, indeed, I share the opinion! Also, love how hope intermingles with doubt in this poem, isn’t that the case with flowers? The bloom and they fade, but then bloom again. Wonderful poem, thank you for sharing. — Stephen

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