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When The Night Is Fine

When the night
Is fine
And women and wine
Who will say
What is wrong or right?

A gift by way
Of an inducement to stay,
Who will say
What is wrong or right?

At night
When he
Seeks comfort in she
Is it wrong or right?

Commerce pervades the night.
Twas always that way.
Some say
‘Tis wrong, and others right.
While the wise leave well alone
For he who is without sin
Should cast the first stone …

The Hill

How easy to loose the plot.
The fire burns hot
And the hand
Obeying not sense’s command
Touches the burning coal.
The soul
Pulls back
But oft we lack
The will
To climb the hill
To a cloudless place
Where the sun’s face
Banishes the dark
And tears of joy start
To fall.
We recall
The path of right
And struggle against the night.