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2 Forthcoming Podcasts for Poet K Morris

As announced on 11 April, I shall be featured on Vancouver Co-op Radio‘s The World Poetry Reading Series, at 1:10 PST (which equates to 9:10 pm UK time), on Thursday 16 May. For further details please see https://kmorrispoet.com/2019/04/11/poet-k-morris-to-be-featured-on-vancouver-co-op-radios-the-world-poetry-reading-series-at-110-pm-pst-on-thursday-16-may-2019/.

I am also pleased to announce that I shall be featured on Ann Harrison-Barnes Inspirational Journeys, https://annwritesinspiration.com/2019/04/23/invitation-to-be-a-guest-on-my-podcast-and-have-your-book-featured-on-my-blog-simultaneously/. My thanks to Ann for kindly agreeing to feature me on her podcast and blog. The interview will take place on the evening of 28 May, and I will post a link to the podcast once it goes live.

A podcast of poet Kevin Morris’s Interview on Vancouver Co-Op Radio is now available


On the evening of Thursday 26 January, I had the honour of being interviewed by Ariadne Sawyer and Neil of Vancouver Co-Op Radio.

During the interview I read a number of my poems and answered questions on what inspired me to compose them.

For a podcast of my interview on Vancouver Co-op Radio please visit http://worldpoetry.ca/?p=11413.


I would like to extend my thanks to Ariadne, Neil and everyone at Vancouver Co-Op Radio for making the interview happen.

(Note: I was originally scheduled to be interviewed on Thursday 12 January. However due to an issue with my telephone line the interview did not take place. It was not until the point at which I got through to Vancouver Co-Op Radio, on the evening of Thursday 26 January, that I knew for certain that the issue with my line had been rectified by TalkTalk and I would, definitely be on air.

Not wishing to disappoint my readers by advertising the event only to find that it could not take place, I thought it best to wait until the interview had occurred and post a podcast of my appearance subsequently).