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Party Girl

She was a party girl
Her head in a whirl
Of boys
And expensive toys.

She offered
“No strings fun”
In exchange for money proffered
By those who would
(if they only could)
The solemn tick tock
Of the ever present clock.

She was gone one day,
Who can say
Few care
To know.
The man of the world shrugs.
Best not go
She had naturally blonde hair
I think.
Will you take another drink?”


I heard a sigh
And saw two ghosts who did lie
In a bed
Where the living dead

“Your feet
Are cold”
She said.
He answered not for thoughts of misspent gold
Filled his sorrowing head.

“I dread being alone”
He did remark.
“The choice is not so stark
For there is always the telephone
And all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds
With Pangloss and party girls …”.