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I have Been Nominated For The Teen Daydreamer Award

Thank you to The Teen Daydreamer for nominating me for The Teen Daydreamer Award, (https://theteendaydreamer.wordpress.com/2015/03/08/the-daydreamer-award-3/). I very much appreciate it.

Here are the rules:


  1. Thank the person who gave you the award – Thank you again Teen Daydreamer!


  1. Complete the challenge they set you.


  1. Select a blog or blogs that you want to give the award to. (The amount of blogs you select is unlimited!)


  1. Tell them about it and set them a challenge.

(Please include the rules in your post).

My challenge, as set by Teen Daydreamer, is to describe my absolute dream job, so here goes!

Ideally I would like to earn sufficient from my writing to allow me to live in the country (but within easy reach of a major city). I would spend a part of each day writing and the rest in charity work or socialising with friends. A pipedream but, in any case my ideal job.

There are so many blogs deserving of nomination. However, after careful consideration I have decided on the below 6 blogs:

  1. Inspired By A Book. This young woman has worked hard, in a short space of time to build up a book review blog and deserves credit for her hard work (https://inspiredbyabook.wordpress.com/).
  2. Writing Post Parkinson’s talks about living with Parkinsons and contains some great material on creativity more generally (https://nimbus432.wordpress.com/).
  3. Behind The White Coat is a touching and frequently humorous blog by a doctor (https://doctorly.wordpress.com/).
  4. Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog for his unfailing support for indie authors and support for reading (http://thestoryreadingapeblog.com/).
  5. Tess of How The Cookie Crumbles for her interesting posts on China together with her stories (https://letscutthecrap.wordpress.com/).
  6. Kev Cooper for his writing and his unfailing kindness to fellow authors (http://kevs-domain.net/).
  7. My challenge to the above bloggers, should they choose to accept it, is to write a short piece about their favourite book and/or the writer who has exerted the greatest influence on them.

(Note: being a blind user of screen reading software I am unable to insert the image which accompanies the original post).

Guest Post: Why I Started My Blog By Inspired By A Book

Many thanks to Inspired By A Book for her great post. Its wonderful to know that there exist young people out there who are passionate about reading. Please do check out Inspired By A Book’s website together with her Instorgram. You can find Inspired By A Book’s blog here (https://inspiredbyabook.wordpress.com/).



I was so honoured when Kevin Morris asked me to do a guest post for ‘newauthoronline’; I jumped at the chance of getting the name ‘inspiredbyabook’ out there, giving it the opportunity to reach a wider audience, and hopefully get me the recognition I’ve always hoped for.

I chose to write a piece on why I started my blog, in hope for it to give other people the confidence to follow their dreams and if they’re wanting to, start their own blog.

Firstly at 17 I never had the idea of wanting to start my own blog, until one day I was in a English lesson and me and my friend were joking about starting blogs, which at that point I realised ‘’oh I’d quite like to have a go on that and see how it goes’’. When I got home that night I created a new email account ‘bookreviewss@hotmail.com’, and asked my mum and dad what their opinions were, both was up for me doing it but they didn’t think I’d last at it! How wrong were they? I made the decision to use a cover name, instead of my own because I didn’t have the confidence for all my friends knowing I was starting blog. I wanted it to be a personal experience ‘my own little world’’

I’ve always loved reading, so I put two and two together and created an instagram about books, originally it was called ‘review_that_book’, but eventually I felt this didn’t represent me as a person, or been able to post a wide variety of things on my instagram. Eventually this lead to the birth of ‘inspiredbyabook’, and new found ideas of creating my own website! Which I did less than a month ago, and already I’ve got 500+ followers which mean the world to me!

With the new name and website, I finally could share something I’m passionate about and thoroughly enjoy! Having a website helped me reach a wider audience and share my own thoughts and opinions, instead of writing a thousand mile long explanation on instagram! Sharing my opinion is how I got the opportunity to write this guest post, because Kevin liked ‘eBooks or paperback’ which expresses my opinion very well. I’m defiantly hoping to achieve my dreams from doing this, and my main goal is to get in contact with some publishers, and start requesting and receiving ARC copies of books to review! I refuse to stop, until I’ve got where I want to be.

Finally I’d just like to say, if any of you have dreams but are afraid, no matter what age you are, just go out and grab them! There is no one there stopping you, and you have full control! In the end you will be so proud of yourself, every struggle, down days or when you feel like giving up only make you stronger, and so keep at it! At 17, I’ve achieved so far in the space of around 3 month, more than i could have ever dreamed, if I can do it, around college and work life you can to!

Happy reading J