In Defense of Churchill

It appears to be the latest fashion to attack those who can no longer defend themselves, including the great Winston Churchill. I was recently involved in an event during which one of the participants labelled Churchill as a “war criminal”.

Whilst Churchill did, as with all of us possess faults, he was no “war criminal”, nor can one equate him with Hitler as some remarkably stupid people have done.

Below are a couple of interesting article which counteract some of the accusations leveled against Churchill: (An article about Churchill’s alleged white supremacist views). (An article by an Indian historian in which he argues that Churchill was no “war criminal”). (An interesting article which mentions Churchill’s support for eugenics. However the main point of the article is to highlight the left’s (including the Fabian Society’s) support for eugenic measures. I find it interesting that those who criticise Churchill are (for the most part) silent on the advocacy by many Socialists of eugenics policies in the early part of the 20th century. Double standards?).

2 thoughts on “In Defense of Churchill

  1. V.M.Sang

    I read the first article you cite, Kevin. Most interesting. If we expect all our heros to be perfect, we’ll be waiting a mighty long time.
    Something has been happening in recent years that seems to have increased that is the ‘knocking down’ of people whom we held up as examples. Sometimes the press seem to build up someone in order to knock them down.
    We need heros. We know they’re not perfect–nobody is, but if they are all knocked down, what have we left?
    John F. Kennedy was a hero to my generation. So was Martin Luther King. In recent years we are told how they were both womanizers and we should not look up to them as we did.
    Now it’s Churchill’s turn to be knocked down. Who will be next, I wonder?

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Many thanks for your comments, Vivienne.

      “We need heros. We know they’re not perfect–nobody is, but if they are all knocked down, what have we left?”. I completely agree with you Vivienne.

      I have visions of a statue being erected to a person admired by “progressives”. Then, a little way down the line, facts come to light that he treated his partner with contempt, owed money to friends (which he never repaid), Etc. Will those “progressives” then call for his statue to be removed, (despite the good he has done)?

      The fact of the matter is that we all have feet of clay. As Hamlet remarks, “treat every man after his desert, and who shall scape whipping?”.

      All the best, Kevin


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