Red Lights

Red lights
Bring delight
For a moment,
On a street.
High-heeled feet.
Men are lost
In arms
They can not own,
Then, alone
Return home.

(This poem was inspired by Lorraine’s “Red Lights”,

9 thoughts on “Red Lights

      1. blindzanygirl

        And thanks for the link to my site. Smiles. Sorry, only just woke up. Things not computing properly lol

      1. blindzanygirl

        My own inspiration for the poem came last night whilst sitting in a queue at Coastas in the car, and the red lights on the car in front contrasted with the night sky, dazzled me. I can still see red lol. Which is just as well as it is my favourite colour. Smiles

      2. K Morris Poet Post author

        Its fascinating to learn where the inspiration for your poem came from. We all put our own interpretation upon poems, which is sometimes (possibly often) not how the poet intended their work to be understood. I wonder how Eliot, Shakespeare etc would view our interpretations of their work, where they to be alive today. I, like you can still see bright colours. Kevin

      3. blindzanygirl

        I know what you mean Mevin. I could see at least three different interpretations to my poem. When I was studying theology we learned about the Reader Response method of interpretatin, and the fact that whatever we write we then let go of, to allow the reader to interoret how they will. This was then also applied to the Bible, as if course we were studying theology. It opens up a whole new workd, and I LOVE it. I often wonder how people interpret my piems,and sometimes it is obvious fro: what they say that they have not interpreted as I meant it, but then I feel glad. It is lovely when things have different meanings to different people. We are all enriched by it. I am glad you can still see strong colours. Many colours, now, I cannot see at all. I must look funny when I go out sometimes lol

      4. K Morris Poet Post author

        Its good that you can laugh at life’s rich experiences, Lorraine, for it is laughter which often keeps us sane! I have had the same thing. For example I have had some of my poems which (for me) are melancholic in nature, interpreted as being happy verses. Its fascinating how people interpret verse and writing more generally.

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