In This Forest Glade

In this forest glade
I think on the shade.
All mens desires
For women and empires

The shout
Of the brave
Is lost in the grave.
And all fires burn out
In the end,
Be they lover or friend.


2 thoughts on “In This Forest Glade

  1. Auroraboros

    Those with any stake in the game will tell you
    That nothing lasts forever
    That every winning streak will end
    And that even the greatest hero will someday fall
    The wise supplement personal experience
    A riches to rags story
    Dripping with
    Tears and
    Peaceful acceptance of mediocrity
    The fools have nothing deeper to dredge
    They say its common
    Common knowledge
    They will say

    Everything falls apart

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      Thank you for your blank/free verse poem. The line
      “Peaceful acceptance of mediocrity” reminds me of the quote which runs something like
      “all political careers end in failure”.
      You are right, the wise accept the inevitable.

      Best, Kevin


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