The 10 Worst Story Openings

An interesting article on “The 10 Worst Story Openings”, ( While I agree with some of the points made in this piece, getting hung up on how one should (or should not) begin a story can lead to a loss of spontaneity, with the writer worrying about the perfect (if such a thing exists) beginning rather than simply writing the best story they are capable of. Again what one reader perceives as being clichéd may well be regarded by others as constituting a great opening paragraph.


4 thoughts on “The 10 Worst Story Openings

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      Thanks for your comment Tess. I agree absolutely, there is nothing wrong with stepping back to see if there is room for improvement. Good writers are often their own most severe critics. What I disagree with is the drawing up of “dos and donts” lists as they can have the effect of stifling creativity and good writers are, by there very nature creative. Ultimately I am suspicious of the idea that writing can be taught. I believe most writers learn through trial and error as to what works and not by reading books (or lists) on how to become a good writer. Kevin


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