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I pass the lights
And think on the delights
Where shoppers hide
From the cold outside
Where people hurry by
And do not catch another’s eye.

What man will glorify the ethereal
When there is a material
Girl with perfect skin
Who beckons him in
To her store?

Those who are discreet
Do not ask for a receipt.
They know the power
Of the shower
And how scent lingers
On fingers.
But one can not forever hide
From the cold outside


The dress she bought
Was cheap and short.
The bus she caught.
The vehicle’s slow pace
Her burning face.
Barely coping.
For salvation hoping.
For a way out.
Inwardly she shouts.
People are about
She is almost beyond caring.
A suburban place
His flushed face.
A girl’s disgrace.
How very common place.

Extract from my forthcoming book, “The First Time”

Below is an extract from my forthcoming book of short stories, “The First Time”. The first story in my collection is entitled “The First Time” and explores why Becky, a young graduate with a first class degree in English literature enters the world of prostitution as a professional escort girl. The extract follows on from Becky’s first encounter with a customer

“Becky pulled open the car door and flung herself into Julie’s arms.

Julie hugged her friend close neither girl speaking for several

minutes. “God it was horrible. I can’t believe what I’ve just done up

there” Becky said eventually breaking the silence. Julie could think

of nothing that could serve as anything other than a wholly inane

response to Becky’s distress so kept her peace. “Julie are they all as

awful as Mike”! “Beks there are guys much, much worse than Mike Carter

believe me!” “I can’t believe that Jules!” “Becks I recently saw a

bloke who asked me to dress up in a school uniform and pretend to be

his 14-year-old daughter. He wanted me to call him daddy while he screwed me”. “You told him where to go didn’t you Jules?” Julie looked out of

the window into the dark night  for a long time without speaking.

“Lets get you home Becks” she said after what seemed an age.”

(“The First Time” is scheduled for publication in December. For a limited period I am giving away free copies to my blog’s followers. If you would like a free copy of “The First Time” please send an e-mail to drewdog2060 at Tiscali.co.uk. The address is rendered in this manner to attempt to defeat spammers).