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A Sober Satyr Reflects

So many angels with broken wings.
Do fortune’s slings
Bring them low?
Some things
I know
And wish it where not so.

Heaven is here
When angels are near,
But as the years advance
The dance
Is ever more staid.
I have with angels played
And for the pleasure paid.

The Sprite’s Tune

The nymph of tomorrow
Portends sorrow,
While the sprite of today
Sounds a doleful lay
On her violin
Of sin.

Round the budding rose
The satyr goes,
Listening to music sad
That will drive him mad.

the sprites continue to play.
There music divine
Does say
“Drink of my wine
And in caverns hidden
We will spend our day”.

The satyr doth long
For wine more strong
Than any taken
He tastes, and is left forsaken
And forever craving more.