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Conservatism and “Progress”

“Conservatism is more of a mindset than an ideology. It encourages scepticism when hearing about grand plans, abstract ideas and simple solutions for problems,
knowing that people are prone to overestimating their importance and knowledge on human affairs. Essentially, it teaches: don’t rush in. To judgement or

The above is an interesting take on Conservatism from Ryan Shorthouse, of the liberal Conservative think tank Bright Blue. For my own take on Conservatism, please see (https://kmorrispoet.com/2018/06/29/conservatism-2/).



Conservatism is a scepticism regarding what some call “progress”
Coupled with a desire to redress
Genuine grievances, lest the great wall crumble and fall
Crushing all.

Conservatism is men who
Wish the clock
Would stop
At half-past 2
But know that this man can not do.
While the reactionary believes that one can rewind the clock
And it’s hands lock
At some frozen place
In time and space.

Conservatism is scepticism about equality
For the Conservative does see
That each tree
Is different. but the forest has a heart
And we are all part
Of an organic whole
With each man being possessed of his own unique soul.

Some say
That the Conservative way
Is an obsession with the bottom line
And that selfishness does Conservatism define.
Others maintain
That economics is an obsession of the Classical Liberal’s brain
And that the liberal interloper
Should slope away.

Conservatism is walks in country parks
As the larks
Twitter high above.
It is a love
Of old friends
Who are not means to an end.
It is a desire to enjoy
And not to destroy.
The ship must be kept on an even keel
Lest we into anarchy reel.
Yet some say
That today
Many Conservatives do not behave that way …