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Review of Kindle HD Fire 7

This review is of the Kindle Fire HD 7: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Fire-HD-Display-Wi-Fi-Black/dp/B00JXOXLP0
The Kindle Fire HD 7 allows the user to do far more than merely read books. The Fire also acts as a music player, enables the user to send and receive email, offers the ability to surf the web using Amazon’s Silk browser and perform many other tasks.
As a registered blind person I use the Fire’s text-to-speech facility which is of a very high quality. I do own an earlier version of the Kindle, however although this has a text to speech facility I am only able to read books with it (i.e. I cannot shop in the Amazon store or perform tasks other than reading). Consequently the Kindle Fire HD 7 is a good buy for people who are visually impaired, as they can shop Amazon on the device, (prior to me receiving the Kindle Fire as a Christmas present I had no option other than to purchase books and other items from Amazon using my computer, so the ability to shop using the device makes life much easier).
Although the device is very accessible, I do not like the on-screen keyboard as a light touch will activate a character meaning I, as a blind person cannot use it. I use an Apple Bluetooth keyboard which works well with the device.
Unfortunately Amazon’s Silk browser is only partially accessible to people with little or no vision. Amazon are aware of this and are looking into the issue.
My Kindle was purchased in John Lewis who offer an automatic 2 year guarantee with the Kindle, while Amazon’s guarantee is, I understand, only for 1 year. Consequently I would recommend that anyone thinking of purchasing a Kindle Fire HD 7 in the UK consider buying from John Lewis rather than Amazon.
I would recommend the Kindle HD 7.

Google Plus

I am on Googleplus (https://plus.google.com/103288647937368753912/posts). I am just getting to grips with the service, consequently not all of the posts on my other blog (http://newauthoronline.blogspot.co.uk/) may have found their way across to Googleplus. I’ll get there, eventually!