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Anthology In Aid Of Guide Dogs – A Guest Post On Victoria Zigler’s Blog By Author K Morris

A big thank you to fellow blind author, Victoria (Tori) Zigler for hosting a guest post by me regarding an anthology in support of Guide Dogs. The book is free to download, however I and my fellow contributors hope that anyone downloading the book will make a donation to the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, (GDBA), a registered charity which relies entirely on voluntary donations. To read my guest post on Tori’s blog please visit the following link (http://ziglernews.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/anthology-to-raise-money-for-guide-dogs.html). To visit the dedicated page for the anthology please go to (http://newauthoronline.com/anthology-to-raise-money-for-guide-dogs/).



A Further Update On Anthology To Raise Money For Guide Dogs

This post is by way of an update on the position regarding the charity anthology to raise money for The Guide Dogs For The Blind Association.

I have now received all contributions together with an excellent book cover (for which many thanks) and I am working with the editor to pull together the final version prior to publishing it online, (the anthology will be free to download with a link on the website and within the book to a “Just Giving” page in favour of GDBA.

One suggestion was to see whether GDBA could endorse the book. I have (today) spoken with the Association who confirmed, over the telephone that endorsement is not a practical option. They have, however e-mailed me as follows:


“Nice to speak to you on the phone and thanks for supporting Guide Dogs. As I mentioned as an option, you may want to use the proceeds to name a puppy after

one of the characters, or someone who inspired the book. There are a variety of levels starting at £2500 up to £50,000 which come with a variety of resources

and perks, all of which come with a photo of the puppy that you could put on your websites and blogs. As I mentioned on the phone, if you continue to fundraise

past the target, we can simply increase the target no problem.


You would need to set up a Just giving page (which I can help you do), and I would assist with wording on this.


If the naming a puppy option isn’t appropriate, we can still set up a just giving page so that we can properly see how much you have managed to raise from

the book as it would be difficult to take this information if we used a link to the main site.




I would welcome views on the ideas set out in the above e-mail from GDBA. The anthology is a collection of stories, poems and fact based articles so it appears to me that naming a puppy after one of the characters in the book is not an option, (do you agree?). However this does not preclude readers of this blog suggesting a name. With this in mind can I please ask for suggestions in respect of guide dog puppy names? Or would people prefer for monies to go to a “Just Giving” page (specifically dedicated to the anthology but not dedicated to raising money for a named puppy).

I would welcome suggestions please.


Many thanks for everyone’s continuing support and in particular that of my fellow authors, the book cover designer, (Mr Ape), the Editor and everyone who has reblogged posts pertaining to the anthology.