Poetic Kevin

As those of you who follow my blog will know, I have long maintained an interest in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). My fascination with the subject has caused me to become involved in a project to build a poetic robot.


My own model (simply called Kevin) which is, I am sure you will agree most appropriate, has been programmed with all poems composed by me since I first began to write poetry back in 2013.


Want a poem about time? No problem, just ask Kevin for a poem on that subject and he will regale you with a composition on that topic in my own voice. Feeling in a mood to have your ribs tickled? Just ask Kevin for a composition on naughty young women and he will recite a poem about wicked Miss Hocking who lost more than a stocking whilst attending the vicar’s garden party …!


The developer has done a fantastic job. Not only does the robot sound like me, it also looks remarkably life-like and can even change it’s expression. A humorous poem will cause Kevin to smile whilst reciting his composition, whilst a poem about mortality leads to a mournful and thoughtful expression.


Kevin is retailing at a cost of £1000. However, there is a special offer for my readers. Just contact me by 12 noon today with your order and you can have your very own poetic Kevin for the fantastic cost of only £899.!


Happy listening!




12 thoughts on “Poetic Kevin

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      I’m glad you like my latest offering, Chris. Your Poetic Kevin is on it’s way to you via special delivery and (as its you) the cost is a mere £800 so you are getting a bargain …!

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Don’t worry, Liz. As its you, I’ll send you one as an Easter/Christmas gift combined, but don’t tell anyone else or they will all want a Poetic Kevin!


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