tottering on stilettos

Tottering on stilettos
Girls from ghettos
(And a few middle-class
Girls too) pass
Through lonely doors, and sing a song
That will be around so long
As mankind
Requires? desires?
More than food for his mind.

Did cavemen win
Young women to sin
With fine polished stone?
I own
I do not know
Though I suspect it was so.
And still girls go
Through lonely doors
And are labelled, hoars

8 thoughts on “tottering on stilettos

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Thank you, Lorraine. Its certainly a complex subject. Re the middle-class young women, there have been stories in the media (back up by students themselves) of ladies turning to various forms of sex work to get themselves through university. I guess that once they have gained their degree and, one hopes obtained a good job, most of these middle-class young women will give up prostitution and put it to the back of their mind. However it will always be there, buried in their subconscious memory and may pop into their head when least expected. On the other hand some working girls say they are fine (and even happy with the work). Its impossible to look into another’s mind, so I think we can only take their word for that. Best wishes – Kevin

      1. blindzanygirl

        Thankyou Kevin. Yes, I knew some of this. And yes, it IS complex. When I was doing my doctoral research, it was into the lives of women, (well, that is broadly speaking) and I read a book on Victorian prostitutes. But of course that is not present day. In the process of researching, however, I discovered some of what you are telling me. I know that this is a particular area that you are interested in and have written about. I too find it very interesting,and kind of sad, but as you say, some women are happy in this work. Funnily enough, my husband has often been approached by prostitutes. I used to go to a Writing Group at the WEA in Scunthorpe, just after I had gone into remission. My husband took me in the car and
        Icked me up at the end. The WEA was in the red light district of town, though it is kind of “respectable” too. An older area of the town though. As my husband was waiting for me at around 4 p.m. he regularly got asked by girls if they could be of service to him lol. He was always kind to them, but declined! Lol

    2. K Morris Poet Post author

      I was interested to learn that you have read some books on this subject, Lorraine. Do you happen to remember the title of that book on Victorian prostitution by any chance? I know a young woman who wrote her university thesis on the experience of trafficked women as regards their interactions with the British police. I haven’t read it, but suspect that it makes for interesting reading. Your relation of your husband’s experience in the red light district made me smile. I’m glad that he was kind to the girls who approached him. Perhaps he should, when they asked if they could be of service, have replied, “please, could you make me a nice cup of tea. 2 sugars and a drop of milk please . . .”. All the best – Kevin

      1. blindzanygirl

        Lol Kevin. I cannot remember who wrote the book on Vuctorian Prostitution. It was a long time ago, and I got it in Hat on Wte when we were on holiday in Wales. They had all sorts of books there. Unusual ones. If I find it I will let you know, but as I can’t see now lol I may not ever find it. I have over a thousand books lol. Sad, since I can’t read any of them now. The KNFB Reader doesn’t work very well because you have to have the pages absolutely flat and I can’t seem to do that. Do you know if you can buy anything to keep them flat. Hubby has been looking but has not found anything. Best, Lordaine

    3. K Morris Poet Post author

      I don’t know of anything that would keep the pages flat I am afraid, Lorraine. I will, of course let you know if I come across anything. A twain compatible scanner (connected to a computer running JAWS) can scan books etc. You can place the book flat on the glass (rather like a photocopier) and scan using the computer’s keyboard, and Kurzweil translates text into speech. If I can help further in any way, please let me know.


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