Changes to Newauthoronline

Readers of this blog will notice that the title of my site has changed to “K Morris – Poet”, and the tagline to “Kevin Morris poet”. The web address ( remains the same. I have, however added a new subdomain (, which will take you to my blog in precisely the same manner as

When I first started this blog, I was a new author, hence the web address However, the vast majority of my writing has, for the last few years consisted of poetry, hence the change in the site’s title and tagline to better reflect the nature of my work (and who I am as a person).

I have no intention of dispensing with the domain So, in practical terms (other than the site’s title and tagline),the only difference you will notice is that my site can also be accessed at

In the unlikely event that you do experience any difficulties, do please let me know, either by leaving a comment here or by sending an email to me at newauthoronline (at) gmail dot com. (the email address is rendered thus to defeat spammers)!

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