The half-Reluctant Rake

Would I do it again?
This chain
I make
I can not shake
(Though it causes me pain)
So I return again
And again …

Regret is yet
Another she
Who can not love me.
And, you see
I knew it was so all along
But the strong chain
I made bound
And I found
Myself there again
With a shame
I will not name.


10 thoughts on “The half-Reluctant Rake

  1. blindzanygirl

    I love this one Kevin. I am not very good at expressing what I feel about a poem but this one is very touching to me. It has a kind of inevitability about it. I love the way your poetry has a kind of understated emotion, yet you know the underlying emotion. Not fliwery. Not “bleeding.” I get tired of hearing that word “bleeding” poetry. Good poem Kevin

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